About us


Hi, I’m Lia.



In 2012 I decided to change my life and realise my life long dream of traveling the world. So I left France, yes I am French, and started my journey in Koh Tao, Thailand where I met Dominic who kept trying to convince me to go diving. Let me explain, at this point, I didn’t want to try diving or even try snorkeling with a mask on my face. In order to stop him going on about diving, I did my Open Water Course, with him, thinking he will never ask me to dive with him again.


5 years later and I’m a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor, IANTD Cave Diver and a Cenote Guide. I have taught more than 100 people how to dive. I said yes to Dominic in an underwater wedding ceremony in May 2013. Since then we have been sharing a diving life adventure around the world. From Thailand to Cambodia, Australia, England, Egypt then Belize. And since 2015 Tulum, Mexico, where we live with our two dogs Pippa & Big Dog.

Cenote Guide

I love waking up in the morning and taking my dogs for a walk in the Sian Kan nature reserve. I’m highly motivated and passionate about my job, keeping you safe, showing you these beautiful places and trying to make your day as awesome as possible. I love preparing tailor-made vacations made especially for you, being your local guide above and below the water, and being your friend and go-to person in Tulum.


Open Water

Hi. I’m a PADI Diving Instructor & Tec Deep Instructor, TDI Technical Instructor and IANTD Advanced Sidemount Cave Diver, It still gives me goose bumps when I say that. I started Scuba diving in 2005. I have always loved the water, but I always thought I would be rubbish at diving because whenever I swam down deep in the swimming pool it hurt my ears. Then one day a friend told me how to equalise my ears, I tried it out in the pool. It worked straight away, so I signed up for my Open Water Course.

Diving, Diving, Diving

The plan was to go diving in Egypt. I’d heard that the Red Sea was awesome. So for six years once or twice a year I would go to Egypt get on a boat and go diving for one or two weeks. Then I realised that the time I was most happy, the time I was at most peace was when I was diving. I had found my thing. I just wanted to get better at it but more importantly, do lots of it.


So in 2011 I packed my bags and left for Thailand to do my Divemaster and instructor course. I spent two and a half years living on a small island in the gulf of Thailand. It changed my life. I learnt to be happy. I excelled at teaching diving because I love it so much. Many times people write to PADI after my courses. They mention my passion, knowledge and commitment to the sport. Frequently they mention my ability to adapt my teaching style to the needs of the students. I like to say, “I don’t teach courses, I teach people how to dive.”


A crazy French girl showed up one day, Lia, she’s never really left. I had grown peculiarly accustomed to her being there that one day I decided to make it official. She has followed me around the world, feeding, what is now both of ours, love of diving. We went to Australia, Cambodia, Britain, Egypt, Belize before finally settling down in Tulum, Mexico.

Cave Diving Is epic

I love these Cenotes. The Cave Diving is awesome. The dives I lead fill you with absolute awe and amazement. When we come up to the surface I love looking in your eyes to see the expression. Speechless, the jaw moves trying to form the words to explain how stunning the dive just was. But, words fail. Sometimes the only form of communication is the wide smile and glowing eyes, that’s all I need. It’s an absolute honour and pleasure to take people and show them these wonderful places. I just want to do it again.